Individual employee Covid-19 health Vulnerability assessment

This is a 30 minute telephone assessment and report to the employee and the referring person from the organisation/employer. Use this form here to identify which employees to be offered an occupational health Covid-19 health vulnerability assessment.

In addition you need to risk assess your workplace. I am offering a free 20 minute telephone advice service to assist you with this.

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Outcomes detailed in the report are the health vulnerability category and social distancing risk mitigation  the employer is advised to implement. These are used to inform work content and social contact at work. 

Health Vulnerability categories:

  • Very High

  • High

  • Moderate 

  • Standard/low

Social distancing risk mitigation categories:

  • Standard social distancing 

  • Social distancing stringently applied (more vulnerable) 

  • Social distancing stringently applied (highly vulnerable) 

  • Shielding (extremely vulnerable)

Individual Covid-19 health vulnerability assessment uses SOM/ALAMA clinical guidelines. 

Fee - £80 (not VAT) 

Contact to arrange.