• Anna Harrington

Discover the principle ill health symptoms that impact employee performance & attendance.

Work is often attributed to causing ill health.

The opposite is also true; health affecting work. Focus on workplace health should recognise both sides.

Occupational health professionals work with this dualism.

Here I present to you just two of the most common ill health symptoms that can affect work productivity, performance, attendance and sickness absence.

And here is the deal, come back to this site next week for part 2 of this blog (next week) when I will give work tips on resolving.

Fatigue and pain affects -

· Attentiveness

· Emotion control

· Ability to maintain effort; physical and brain

· Decision making

· Processing complex data

· Safety

· Energy levels

· Reaction times

I think that is a fair old long list and I can assure you it is not complete! Recognising how these effect work processes is important if you run a department or business.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to mitigate impacts. One of the most important is to get an understanding of what the employee is coping with and therefore what you needing to manage at work.

To do this having the employee assessed by an occupational health professional will result in next weeks tips being more relevant to you and the employee.

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