• Anna Harrington

Promote, prevent & manage

That is what a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (SCPHN) does. For me the specialism is workplaces or occupational health (OH). SCPHN (OH) believe that good work is good for health and wellbeing.

SCPHN promote good health and wellbeing.

SCPHN prevent ill health and negative impacts on wellbeing.

SCPHN assist in the management of ill health.

SCPHNs work on a population or employee group basis or individual.

Workforce based activity can be:

  • gathering data that indicates the state of health and wellbeing of the employees

  • contributing to policy, strategy and workforce planning

  • assessing job design for risks to health

  • education of those with responsibilities for employee productivity, performance, health and wellbeing

We do not treat ill health. Treatment of ill health is the responsibility of the GP.

We advise the individual and employer about how ill health can affect work performance, productivity and attendance. SCPHNs will aim to encourage work through the suggestion of adjustments for the employee and employer to consider implementing.

SCPHNs are professionally registered nurses (Nursing and Midwifery Council), have a professional code and revalidation requirement every 3 years. this gives users of the services assurances about quality advice.

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