• Anna Harrington

Wellbeing at work primary focus should be on relationships

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

What is meant by work relationships?

I guess the most obvious is between customer and seller or teacher to pupil if in education. Of course this is important. But actually when looking at employee wellbeing, it is more important to look at the employee-line manager relationship. Get this right and the customer to seller or teacher to pupil relationship will be enhanced.

Why is this relationship most important?

Because of power and dependency. The line manager holds power over the way the employee performance is assessed, access to career promoting opportunities, job security, relationships with the senior team etc.

What goes into a strong relationship?

Trust. Quite simply in 1 word - trust. To foster trust requires behaviours that are logical, reasonable, authentic, predictable, empathetic.

How to improve?

To improve is conditional on knowing the current relationship strengths. Measure; directly and indirectly. Select line managers well, Train, educate and support. Feedback; enhancing, to encourage growth and development.

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