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You give new employees knowledge of processes, expectations, key people, to provoke them being successful in the new role. Their ability to utilise this learning and thrive is influenced by mental health. 21% of employers recognise this & provide "how to be mentally well" training at the on-boarding stage. If this has intrigued you then give me a call to find out more. 

Professional Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health Assessments. These are carried out by a registered (NMC/GMC) occupational health specialist nurse or doctor. Below are the typical appropriate reasons for referral. If in doubt call or email to gain advice.


WHIB Ltd aims to provide a fully supported occupational health service. This is through pre and post referral telephone conversations.


Telephone based, video and face to face assessments (Covid-19 dependent) are available. 

When to refer:

  • Short-term frequent sickness absence

  • Long-term absence > 4 weeks

  • Concerns that  ill health symptoms or medication may affect safety, efficiency or quality

  • Assessment of fitness to attend disciplinary or other formal meeting

  • Company sick pay ending

  • For return to work advice

  • Performance or behavioural concerns

  • Exploration of work relatedness of ill health

How to refer?

Email - or ring - 07816212836

I will discuss with you the suitability of referring and when best to refer.

Or if you are confident then head over to my forms page.






Business focused wellbeing Consultancy Services

WHIB Ltd presents to you a different approach from the individual focus on wellbeing to one that is more likely to be measurable. WHIB can work with you to bring evidenced based data, highlighting what is working well and areas that could benefit from focus.

WHIB definition of wellbeing is –


“the individual has the capabilities and is in environments that enable them to live lives of purpose, enjoyment, balance and meaning.”

 Prosocial ARC and principles  are a framework and method of enhancing individual wellbeing and organisation performance. Founded on scientific research into what makes groups successful by the Nobel prize winning Elinor Ostrom who determined 8 principles. These combined with psychological processes for behavioural change results in the prosocial ARC. 


  • As a trained facilitator in prosocial I am able to offer this service. 

  • Senior management team workshops on business focused wellbeing, presentation of the models used by WHIB Ltd and encouragement to have a team approach.

  • Consultancy services; interim to integrate measurement tools that gather indicative quantitative data on employee wellbeing

  • Focus group facilitation to extend and add character to the quantitative data.

  • Stress/pressure management workshops

  • Wellbeing policy reviews and advice