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Professional Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health Assessments. These are carried out by a registered (NMC/GMC) occupational health specialist nurse or doctor. Below are the typical appropriate reasons for referral. If in doubt call or email to gain advice.


WHIB Ltd aims to provide a fully supported occupational health service. This is through pre and post referral telephone conversations.


Telephone based, video and face to face assessments (Covid-19 dependent) are available. 

When to refer:

  • Short-term frequent sickness absence

  • Long-term absence > 4 weeks

  • Concerns that  ill health symptoms or medication may affect safety, efficiency or quality

  • Assessment of fitness to attend disciplinary or other formal meeting

  • Company sick pay ending

  • For return to work advice

  • Performance or behavioural concerns

  • Exploration of work relatedness of ill health

How to refer?

Email - or ring - 07816212836

I will discuss with you the suitability of referring and when best to refer.



Business focused wellbeing Consultancy Services

"Wellbeing at work is not sushi at the desk, ping pong tables or beanbags” Professor Cary Cooper, Organisation Psychology & Health Manchester Business School. And neither is it smoking cessation, lifestyle checks, health monitor checks & similar - these are health promoting activities.

Wellbeing at work is culture driven; to allow employees to cope with high pressures/demands, enables them to enjoy life outside of paid work, allows personal fulfilment, accrue self satisfaction and be thriving.


WHIB Ltd presents to you a different approach from the individual focus on wellbeing to one that is more likely to really effect your business. WHIB can work with you to bring evidenced based data, highlighting what is working well and areas that could benefit from focus.

Wellbeing can be defined as - a subjective experience that is pursued in the presence or absence of medically diagnosed ill health conditions and once basic human needs of safety, warmth, shelter and food have been met.

Collaboration is essential for this. WHIB will work with you to build team knowledge of wellbeing.




  • Senior management team and department leader workshops on business focused wellbeing, presentation of the models used by WHIB Ltd and encouragement to have a team approach.

  • Consultancy services; interim to integrate measurement tools that gather indicative quantitative data on employee wellbeing

  • Focus group facilitation to extend and add character to the quantitative data.

  • Workshops to interrogate data and ideas that provoke the  embedding of a wellbeing promoting culture

  • Long-term conditions specific workshops for line managers and human resources

  • Employee Mental Health & Wellbeing eLearning with ENEI click 


I have been advising organisations and employees for 19+ years on the health and wellbeing of employees. 

My occupational health assessments combine medical evidence with positive psychology to explore work meaning, fulfilment, motivation, limitations from ill health, treatments, lifestyle attitudes and beliefs. 

I allow for a full 1 hour for my assessment with the report writing not included in this hour. This allows for a thorough assessment, giving the employee plenty of time to explain. 

My approach with the organisation is supportive and collaborative. This is through pre-referral and post report conversations. My strength is fairness; in this context this means recognising the perspectives of each party as being equally important.

My reports are focused and clear. Advice in the report is based in medical evidence unless otherwise stated. This allows you to trust that the content and decisions made on the back of it to be defendable.

I think I am good at what I do. Below is some feedback that has been posted on LinkedIn about my services.

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