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Workshop - The how & whys of occupational health management referrals. 

Who is it for?

- those with human resource responsibilities.

- those with line manager responsibilities.


- Understand when to make a referral

- Know how to make a referral and what to put on the referral form

- Know your responsibilities with regards to consent

- Appropriate questions to ask

- Consent

- Disability & the Equality Act 2010

- Adjustments; reasonable or not?

- You have the report, now what?

- Fitness to work understand the context and limitations

- What is meant by medical evidence?

Workshop - Enabling you to thrive.

Who is it for?

- Anyone who wants to explore their own mental health and wellbeing. 


- Understand the key principle structures for great wellbeing

- Greater clarity of purpose.

- Know your values

- Understand why working with character strengths is important.

- Explore relationships, relationship audit.

- Be more effective at time management

- Be open to physical activity & not defeated by barriers.

- Relax about sleep.

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Co-workers in Modern Office

Workshop - Managing to thrive.

Who is it for?

- Anyone with line manager responsibilities or advising on people management.


- Define wellbeing to be work relevant. 

- Understand the key principle workplace structures for great personal and work related wellbeing..

- Be able to debate the merit of measuring wellbeing and how to go about this. 

- How to have conversations which make you feel anxious or worried.

- Be knowledgeable about Wellness Action Plans, understand boundaries, limitations and appropriate use.

- Confidentiality & consent. 

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Workshop & eLearning - Improve your sleep & improve your life. 

Who is it for?

- Anyone who is struggling to sleep & does not have a diagnosed medical condition that explains the issue.


- Become focused but relaxed about sleep or lack of.

- Know the influence of different types of light on sleep.

- Schedule and routine, recognise the value of these without becoming a slave to them.

- Time of eating, consumption and physical activity

- Have a toolbox of solutions.

- Know when to access professional support and be aware of non-medication options. 


I would love to hear from you to discuss your learning needs. These are examples of workshops but I can tailor them or create something totally new.


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