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Get a grip on workplace wellbeing: Part 1 of I am not sure how many parts! 1 minute read.

Updated: Apr 8, 2021


The word of the moment - wellbeing. Do you know what it means; to you personally, you as an employer and National wellbeing?

To embark on effective workplace wellbeing requires a shared understanding of what it is. Exploring different definitions will bring themes for as an employer, your employees and you as an individual to associate with. Without an agreed working definition actions aimed at workplace wellbeing risk being at cross purposes, falling short of potential being fully developed with wasted resources and time.

Wellbeing elements can be context dependent; for instance National Wellbeing includes features such as the neighbourhood and the natural environment. These may have little relevance to the wellbeing of your employees and focus on these bring little in ROI.

Here is a definition from the International Labour Organisation. I would like this definition to have additional precision and entities.

The World Health Organisation definition of health designates mental, social and physical wellbeing, pushing beyond the absence of ill health and infirmity. As a nurse when I talk about health, I naturally will include all the WHO elements of health and being beyond the absence of illness.

The positive psychology movement explores what is beyond the absence of ill health and infirmity and for me completes the potential of human life. Through the PERMA Professor Martin Seligman model the psychological aspects of wellbeing are illuminated, giving the promise of a potential for all humans to be flourishing and thriving. 

How to secure your definition of wellbeing.

Identify the stakeholders


Take time to absorb learning

Talk, discuss, debate

Involve experts

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