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  • Anna Harrington

Improve your sleep Improve your life

That is a big ambition isn't it? But one which I believe is not unreasonable. You see 67% of UK adults say their sleep is disrupted and 48% say they do not get the right amount of sleep.

That ambitious statement is matched by many adults saying they want to improve their sleep. In my occupational health consultations it is very rare someone would say that their sleep is great - being restorative, allowing energy for effective, efficient and fulfilling work.

As an organisation you are likely to have a focus on employee wellbeing and work performance. What is it that can enable employees to thrive from working and be instrumental in progressing the organisation?

There are of course many aspects to this. But experiencing the reduced functions from regular poor sleep is frustrating to the employee and makes work much more demanding.

Regular poor sleep is impactful on concentration, memory, emotion balance and use, processing skills, problem solving, reduces psychological resilience and enthusiasm.

Employees with poor sleep are more likely to make errors, slower reaction times, take greater risks,

Do you know how well your employees sleep?

You may pick it up in casual conversations; have a listen and ask questions.

There are non-medical day routine and lifestyle habits that either assist or stymie a good night sleep.

Doing my short course (about 1 hour) will allow employees to evaluate their own sleep and give them the knowledge that enables an appraisal of their current day to day activities impacting on gaining a restorative night sleep. And of course it is packed with guidance and direction on how to build your day to lead into the best night sleep possible.

So click the sloth to learn more about how to jump on to the course.

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